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The truth about salt? You don't need it.

April 04, 2015

The days of table salt are over. Sure, a few million recipes call for it, but if you're one of those people who still add salt to each meal to give it a flavor kick, it's time to wake up. Not only are the alternatives more healthy, they're going to help you bring a whole new edge to meals you've had your whole life. Are you ready to try something amazing?

There are plenty of table salt alternatives out there that advocate healthier lifestyle, and while we have nothing against them, we want to step even further than that. One of our favourite and very approachable choices is thyme. It is said the ancient Greeks considered thyme a symbol of courage... well we hope you take a page from that and try it out more! It's quite subtle so it can be used in a wide array of dishes to add a very slight, almost minty change to the dish. Thyme is readily available all over, so pick some up, try it on a few of your favourite dishes and see the change yourself!

Next up we have sage. Now, if you haven't tried sage on your eggs in the morning, we insist you pretend it's morning and try it immediately. It brings an amazing, earthy taste to the dish and shows you flavor profiles you may have never even realized! On top of that, if you're a big fan of chicken, we strongly recommend you try adding it your chicken recipes as it is one of the oldest, most used spice for poultry in the world! It is ideal for savoury dish so bare that in mind when using the dominant spice.

Lastly ( we don't wanna keep this too long! ) we want you use red chili powder. Now we're really gonna need you to use that Greek courage you picked up back at thyme, because red chili powder can be your best friend or worst enemy. Use sparingly, and if you can, cook it into your meal near the final steps and make sure it's lightly coated. The nice thing about red chili powders is that, given you get a good quality powder ( if you can even get fresh red chillies and ground them up, that's better, but for the sake of replacing salt, we're sticking with ease ) is that it will build a very clean profile with whatever you eat. Your meal will taste healthier, it'll sit go through your digestive system better and will increase your metabolism and health... and for you heat freaks, it'll add that element you crave you so much!

We hope these three easy to obtain spices will be added on top of your stove ASAP! Each one brings it's own level of flavor, has it's own merits and is much more complex than table salt. It's all about the little steps when it comes to cooking, and if you're new to it, don't overdo or over complicate things. Simply learn to try to taste every 'angle' of the dish and figure out how you would change that. Cooking and eating have a lot in common with art...give it that respect, and you'll find yourself creating some beautiful works yourself.

Until next time!