Our Story

Welcome to Shah Foods.


We believe in integrity in our design. A careful, exact approach to authenticity is evident in every aspect of our company. We're the ones who work tirelessly to bring you something that we truly believe in. Spices is, quite simply, just what we do.

Here at Shah Foods, we're starting with what we know best, and that's an authentic approach to spices and seasonings that we feel is missing from the market. What we have so far are products that we strongly believe are the absolute best available, tried and tested, always being worked on and always being perfected. These are the same ingredients and recipes that have been used for centuries to create dishes enjoyed around the world. When we say we want to bring you something authentic, we mean it.

The ancient art of spice mixing has been perfected for longer than most people realize, and it is no secret that regions of Asia have been some of the most prominent places for these crafts to be mastered. We here at Shah Foods replicate that very art, that touch of authenticity, that delicate hint that makes these flavors so complex, yet so subtle and welcomed by the pallet. To add to this, we strive in our use of only the best ingredients, and are proud to say many of our spices are antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and some even aid in weight loss! It is with great pride and honor we welcome you to try these ancient secrets, and hope we can take you back to a much more simple, more flavorful time.

Our Indian spice mixes thrive on being trustworthy, natural, and quite simply delicious all while being affordable and being made with love and care. We are proud to say GM Restaurant has become the flagship for our Indian spice collection because it embodies those very same ideals. It is a small restaurant in a little town near Vancouver called Maple Ridge, where for over 20 years it has served traditional Indian cuisine with the same love and care as it did on day one. We are very proud to say we use the same recipes that have made GM Restaurant iconic and award winning, while still maintaining, to this day, a fundamental belief that the traditional approach is the best one.