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Easy ways to diversify your palate, and why to do it!

April 04, 2015

Happy New Years everyone!

We here at Shah Foods have been flooded with all sorts of information and question. It's been a very fun, very wild ride to this point and we're very much looking forward to see what this next year brings. We have some great stuff in store for you guys, and a couple surprises that we think you'll love!

If you're still unsure of what sort of new years resolution you'd like to make, we've heard about some great ones. Keeping fit is one of the most popular goals in the world, and we strongly encourage a healthy, fun lifestyle! If you're having some troubles with it, try setting short goals. Instead of the big 365 day goal, try setting week or even day goals in terms of fitness. We promise you'll find things much more approachable and the little goals will build into a big one!

Another fantastic one, and the main point of our post today, is to diversify your palate. In other words, to try new foods! This one came to us from a few people who said they had never tried or liked Indian food prior to giving us a shot, and every single one has become a beautiful addition to our family. From traditional North American eats to eating curry and trying new things quite often, these people have discovered that life can really be spiced up with the right blend!

A few ways you can start on the same path is to take it step by step. You don't need to buy anything new, try instead to look at new ways to apply old ingredients you may have. Everyone has a few extra spices they got at some point, try finding those again and instead of the regular salt/pepper, using something new! It's one foot infront of the other, in every facet of life, and this is the first step towards making each day more exciting!

Next, find things you already like and go deeper down that road. If you're a fan of pizza, you can keep eating pizza! Just instead of pepperoni every time, try some new pizza that has a few new things on it, a new type of cheese maybe? It's that easy to step out of your comfort zone but stay within your realm.

Finally, next time you go out, try somewhere new! We always recommend supporting local and small business, so why not try that little Thai place run by that family? Or the pasta bar you've heard good things about? Once you take that step to go somewhere new, the rest almost falls into place. A new menu, a new chef, a new meal and you learn more about yourself in each little bite. 

We recommend all of this because we here at Shah Foods firmly believe that food is as much an experience as it is something to eat. You can learn about yourself, the world around you, who cooked it for you, a culture, a whole new world almost just with what's presented on your plate! More than that, if you take the time to cook it yourself, you can find what you love, what you don't, you have more control in the fuel you put into your body and you can eat clean. Eating well is essential for a healthy, positive lifestyle. Food is the fuel for your body, so fuel it right!

We hope you've learned a couple new things here and maybe we've even inspired you to try something new. It never has to be hard, and it might only take a little bit of time to change a huge portion of your life!

All the best, and until next time!