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It's good to have questions! We try to answer everything that comes our way, so if you don't see your answer in the list of frequently asked questions below, feel free to contact us directly.

How much does one package make?
This varies with each spice mix, though we always say you should pay close attention to the main ingredient used. For things like our Butter Chicken spice mix, we say use one kilogram of chicken, so you know it'll be a fairly large amount of Butter Chicken! It is also worth noting that vegetarian mixes make so much that we actually recommend only using a quarter of the bag in one making of it, as stated on the back of the packages. We are proud to say we are one of the few companies who offer 80-100g packaging of all natural product so that you can truly make a feast!

How much do your soup mixes make?
Our soup mixes are an exciting product that have absolutely taken off to become some of our best sellers! For those mixes, we say they make about 2 servings each. They're fast, easy and healthy...try some today!

What does "Hand Selected" really mean?
We here at Shah Foods take our craft very seriously. We see too often and too many in the industry take the love out of what they do and simply focus on scale and cost. We make sure we package each bag with our own hands. We filter the spices, go through them with great attention to cleanliness, and we make sure that every little bit of each of our products has passed our personal inspection before we say it is for sale.

Are your products vegan friendly?
Our entire product line is entirely vegan friendly! And yes, that does include our butter chicken, tandoori chicken and so on. In fact, we've had some amazing feed back from vegans saying our butter chicken blend changed their life and helped them capture that amazing, authentic flavor but entirely clean! ( For the records, they've always recommended to use coconut milk, chickpeas, potatoes and broccoli. Give it a shot!) 

How would I return this?
If there is ever a problem with any of our products, you may contact us directly and will look into it. As long as there is definite proof of purchase, we will look into a refund/exchange and do what it takes to make things right.

How does "free shipping" work?
Our free shipping and flat 8$ shipping rates only work for North America, excluding Hawaii and Alaska. We do our absolute best to keep shipping costs low and often take a loss on our own end to make it affordable and quick for you! 

How long do your spice mixes last?
Spices have always been some of the most sought after goods in the world, and the how long they remain good for is a large reason for that. We recommend using your purchase within a year of purchase ( as long as you keep them sealed in our air tight bags or your own air tight container!) but realistically, they stay good for even longer!.

Are your products gluten free?
Every product we have is 100% gluten free!

Are your products MSG free?
Every product we have is 100% MSG free!

Are your products GMO free?
GMOs, or Genetically Modified Organisms, have become quite common in most foods on the market. However, we here at Shah Foods strive to give you the most authentic, clean eating experience possible. We are proud to say our products are 100% GMO free.

Are your products nuts or dairy free?
All of our products are completely nut and dairy free, however there is the off chance that in the process of packaging and harvesting it has come into contact with nuts or dairy. 

What is the proper means of storing your spices?
While you can very easily and safely keep it in the bags we ship them in ( as long as you seal them after every use ), you're more than free to put it into your own containers as long as they remain air free and keep them as clean as you can. Ideally, the spices should be kept in a cool, dry place.

Why is there color in some of my spices?
We're glad you asked! In the Tandoori Chicken and Butter Chicken seasonings, we clearly list 'color' as one of our ingredients because we don't want to hide a thing from you. Most of the coloring actually stems from the use of certain spices we use and how it mixes with your chosen ingredients. The colors are added to give a touch of authenticity and a vibrant glow when cooking. These colors are 100% safe, tested and some of the most widely used food colors on the planet. On top of that, we have done rigorous testing and background checking of our own to provide you with a product we are confident in. 

If there is color in my spices, are they still 100% all natural?
Like we mentioned, most of the coloring actually comes from the natural spices that are inherent in our mix. What isn't is tested, safe and checked. We've made sure to pull all the stops to say these spices are 100% natural, and the colors we use are as well. Our most commonly used color is an Red Beet Powder.

Can I purchase your products at a store near me?
You can always check our Where to Buy section to see where we are, but we're consistently and rapidly expanding to new stores every day. We are proudly partners with the Overweightei Food Group so you checking your local Save on Foods, Thrifty Foods or Urban Fare is always a safe bet. As well, we're always reaching out to local and niche shops and trying to help the little guy as well. If you have some shops near you you'd like to see our product, simply ask them to reach out to us! We're always excited to get our products into the hands of people who love what we do, and ready to do what it takes to make hat easy for you. Just let us know where you want us and we'll get to it!

When will you have more products?
We are consistently working to bring you new and exciting products while maintaining our focus on quality and authenticity. We're not afraid to say we take our time to bring you the very best spice mixes in the world. While there is no time line for our next product launch, we suggest keeping an eye on our twitter and facebook pages!

If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to contact us! We will continue to update this page as much as we can to give you the best experience possible.