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Vanilla Rooibos Chai Tea

  • Two of the most ancient civilizations in the world share their secrets in this elegantly designed tea.

    The original Chai tea blend, loved by an entire country for it's flavor, and rooibos, Africa's miracle herb famous for it's healing properties. We have added a dash of vanilla to give this tea an edge that shake the pillars in a smooth, delicious way that will have you craving more. Don't worry, we're right here.


  • Preparation

    Boil 1-1/2 cups of water

    Add 1 tbsp Vanilla Rooibos Chai blend to water

    Add 1 tbsp brown sugar

    Let tea boil for 3-4 minutes

    Add 1/2 cup milk and let tea rise for about 5 minutes

    Strain into cup or tea pot and enjoy!

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