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Ancient Chai Tea

  • From the court of the ancient kings of India to your cup, we are proud to offer you the authentic chai tea blend.

    The very same recipe used for hundreds of years in India, served all over the country to this day and now, just for you. Famous for its health benefits, amazingly unique flavor and easy of preparation, Chai has become a universally loved tea with many variations. This blend, however, is as pure as they get. Come taste what the kings tasted.


  • Preparation

    Boil 1-1/2 cups of water

    Add 1 tbsp Ancient Chai blend to water

    Add 1 tbsp brown sugar

    Let tea boil for 3-4 minutes

    Add 1/2 cup milk and let tea rise for about 5 minutes

    Strain into cup or tea pot and enjoy!

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