March 10, 2018

The Start of Something Special

We’re starting off our blogging adventure with a short but important explanation as to why we do what we do, why we love it, and most importantly, why we think it’s absolutely necessary. It’s been such a journey to even get this far, and we’re so excited to see what the future holds, but it’s always important to touch back on your roots and remember why this all started.

Long ago, GM Restaurant was founded in the small town in Maple Ridge, BC by a young couple looking for a chance to make their dreams come true. As you can imagine, being an Indian restaurant in a relatively small town an hour out of Vancouver back in the 90s wasn’t the easiest path, but the community fell in love. Hand made foods, authentic spices, love and care in every dish, a decor that resembled a home more than any restaurant and most importantly, true passion took GM Restaurant from a small dream, to being one of the most iconic restaurants in the entire Lower Mainland!

While the restaurant has been alive and thriving for 25 years, a lot has come and gone. A few economic collapses, social and political shifts, food trends… you name it, but throughout all of that, one thing never changed: GM Restaurant’s absolute commitment to quality. The ever growing but always loving community has always asked us to expand to new locations, but it simply has not been possible to date. Then, a couple years ago, we had a good idea. Well, maybe a little more than good.

In comes Shah Foods. We have taken that commitment to quality, that obsession with perfection, that level of service and love for our craft that has carried GM Restaurant for all these years, packaged that and made it easy to bring all of that to your home. Imagine the excitement when we could tell all our guests for over 25 years from Washington state, Whistler, Kalowna and all over that they could bring our exact spices into their kitchens and make it exactly the way we do!

It is with those same ideals that we take steps forwards to make Shah Foods into something as special as what we made at GM Restaurant. We know there will be hiccups along the way, and we hope to embrace them as they come and learn from them. Our passion for excellence and love for the authentic and flavors have always carried us, and we will never, ever give that up. We hope to inspire the inner chefs in you and your loved ones to create authentic dishes in your own kitchen. We did the hard part, we just want you to enjoy that.

After all, you deserve it.