August 03, 2018

Spice up your BBQ this summer with Tandoori!

Summer is a magical time of year, and part of the magic is the fantastic food! There is nothing like getting a few good friends or family together, and grilling some delicious food.

We call our blend Tandoori Chicken, but truthfully, that simply doesn’t do it justice for how versatile it can truly be! That said, Tandoori Chicken is an absolute favorite across the world and easily the most popular use of the blend. You’d be hard pressed to attend any Indian event and not have it somewhere. The spices do a brilliant job of soaking into the chicken and breaking it down in a perfect way to compliment the meat. On top of that, the bright colors create a very lively, fun meal!

Here is how to make our famous Tandoori Chicken:

What you need:

1 Tbsp of Vegetable Oil
1 Tbsp of Lemon Juice
½ Cup of Plain Yogurt
1 Kg of raw chicken ( any part you want, but we often use legs and thighs )


Mix vegetable oil, lemon juice, yogurt and entire bag of GM Restaurant’s Tandoori Seasoning in a large bowl.

Add chicken and marinate thoroughly. Let the marinated chicken sit in the fridge for 6-12 hours.

Barbecue chicken thoroughly. Depending on the size of the pieces and what cuts you are using, this method can vary person to person. We recommend treating this as you would any other BBQ chicken recipe, and making sure it is fully cooked before diving in!

Prepare to have your mind blown; what if I told you you can use our Tandoori blend to make vegan dishes!? Boom. Truth is, our loyal vegan following is some of our biggest buyers of the blend and often email us amazing insight and reviews as to how we could promote it for veganism/vegetarians a little more often.

While most vegetables are fairly easy to BBQ, we recommend looking up the best way to cook the veggies you’re using. Keep in mind how much moisture is in each vegetable and don’t be afraid to check it often while it’s cooking. This is an easy, quick way to make any event or gathering a little more exciting, and what better time than summer to show off your new culinary skills!

We always encourage sticking with organic, local and fresh. Depending on the season and where you are, that could change dramatically. Again, something to ask your local grocery store clerk. For us, we loved using potatoes, broccoli, carrots, asparagus, bell peppers and zucchini!

The only substitute you’ll need to make is using your favourite vegan yogurt or almond milk instead of plain yogurt.( We had so many different brands/types emailed in, we think it’s safer to just let you decide! If you’re unsure, email us anytime or ask someone at your local grocery store for help. We’re sure they’ll know what to do. )

Last, but surely not least, is for our more adventurous eaters. This dish is actually available in a variety of Indian restaurants and throughout the continent, and is often known as Fish Tikka. This particular dish uses the incredible taste of local fish ( we often use salmon out here in Vancouver! ) with an eastern mix. The combination creates a tantalizing dish that is healthy and the true epitome of East meets West.

This one is easy, but be careful not to overcook it! This recipe is for a fillet with no skin. If yours is different, please be sure to look up the proper methods to cook it ( it never hurts to learn new ways to cook regardless!)

How to make Tandoori Salmon!

Marinate the ( 1 kg ) salmon with 1 tsbp of lemon, 1 tbsp of vegetable oil and the entire bag of GM Restaurant Tandoori seasoning.

Make sure the grill is clean, and set it to medium-high.

For each piece of salmon you intend to grill, get a piece of tinfoil that is slightly larger than it. Poke a few holes in it ( about one hole per inch ), cover it generously in vegetable oil and place the salmon on the foil. Then place the foil directly onto the grill. There is no turning required for this method!

For a one inch fillet, it should take about 10-15 minutes to properly cook it. For every extra inch, add about 10 minutes. Feel free to cut into it often and check!

Voila. Serve right off the grill, ideally with some lemon wedges and delicious beverages waiting!

And that’s it everyone! Just a handful of the many, many ways to enjoy our Tandoori blend. Try them out, send us an email with some new ideas at, and take pictures! We love see what you guys are capable of.

Until next time, enjoy and have a fantastic summer!