April 18, 2018

Artisan and You

When you're blending things together in small batches, you are watching the ingredients. We don't just mean you know what goes into it, we mean you're literally picking up the herbs and spices, you're roasting them yourself, inspecting every inch, every minute of the process. It becomes a labor of love where the details define the product.

It is in the heart of that process that we find what makes us special. If something is off, we see it. If something doesn't feel right, we're touching it ourselves and we can take it to the side and see what is going on. It is that obsession with perfection that makes Shah Foods so special. Our ability to break down our process and humanize it gives us an edge in finding and catching any mistakes, any off flavors, even any off colors. We open the bags ourselves, we inspect everything and , like all other greats, we take our time.

When our blends are created, we promise no compromise. We taste every batch ourselves ( along with a few lucky friends! ), something we can't say everyone else is even capable of. Being made in a restaurant gives us a huge edge in being able to execute every process of this creation in the cleanest, most up to date facilities in our award winning kitchen.

Finally, we're able to package based on need. We're not one of those factories that creates thousands of extra units to sit in a warehouse until someone needs it... We understand spices and seasonings are an art. While they have incredible shelf life, they still need to be taken care of and freshness always, always matters. We create our small batches based on our estimated demands, and not any more. We've run into issues in the past with us asking our friends to wait just a little longer, or needing to run into the kitchen at 1 AM on a Tuesday night to start up a blend ( true story! ), but we wouldn't have it any other way. You deserve a company that is willing to go the extra mile for you and your health, and Shah Foods is that company.

Artisan has been the way of life for thousands of years. Through it, we created some of the most incredible, influential products the world has ever seen. Shah Foods is committed to keeping that art and that enthusiasm for perfection alive. We aim to give you the best possible foods that not only we lovingly mix, but you merit in your home and bodies. That's why we always try a little bit harder.. because you deserve it.